How We Got Our Puppy

In October 1971, I was a public school kindergarten teacher supervising the playground when one of my students came up to me with his older sister to ask a question: “Do you want a puppy?”

Without thinking, I responded with, “I don’t know, why?”

Their dog had recently given birth and they were looking for good homes for her puppies. They asked if I wanted to see one. “Sure, I said, ever polite, again not thinking.

A few minutes later they were back with an adorable black and white bundle with long flappy ears that was placed into the cradle of my arms. As the two kids quickly backed away, they called over their shoulders, “Mommy said if you hold her, you own her.” Off they went.

What a surprise ending of the day for me – and my unsuspecting husband when I carried the bundle into his downtown law office.

Brandy was a joy for years, the subject of all kinds of stories. She came into our life before our kids. Here are two ink line drawings I created while she slept:

Brandy sleeping11


How did your pet come into your life?

Brandy sleeping12