Grading_teacher_frontresized to 400Timely and timeless. More relevant than ever! Updated, with a completely revised and improved Report Card evaluating the teacher.

Originally published by Penguin Books Canada in the fall of 1996, Grading the Teacher became a bestseller featured by media across the country.

Added to resource centres at educational institutions (from elementary schools to faculties of education) and public libraries. copies eventually found their way into the hands of thousands of parents and teachers worldwide.


♦ Describe the general workings of educational systems

♦ Offer insights into possible issues and problems

♦ Arm parents with practical tools to effect change when necessary

♦ Serve as a benchmark for any and all educators to evaluate the quality of their own teaching

Here’s just a little of what you will find within Grading the Teacher:

  • How to recognize good teaching and positive classroom experiences;
  • What to look for and how to identify problems and concerns with your children’s school lives;
  • How to address those problems;
  • A Term Report Card to evaluate the teacher;
  • What questions to ask of your children, their teachers and administrators;
  • What parents’, teachers’, and administrators’ responsibilities are to your children’s education;
  • What your children must do or learn to do to ensure that their experiences are good;
  • What to do if you suspect there is a problem with the teaching that your child is receiving.

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MOK front cover

Starting out? Start over? Retiring?

What is the future for anyone considering a life change, whether public or private?

How can people creatively identify and achieve their goals? What are their potential options, strategies, and resources?

Making Opportunity Knock is the first book in this inspirational series that addresses these pressing questions—and much more.

Chapters are packed with probing interviews, practical tips, inspiring quotes and challenging exercises to ignite the imagination of anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and how to use that knowledge to forge a meaningful future in the bigger world.

Featuring creativity academics and specialists as well as creative business people and ‘extra’ordinary individuals.

A source for interaction and communication of creative ideas, resources and personal experiences. Suitable for individuals as well as groups such as book clubs and study groups for discussion and debate.

Can be used as interactive guidebooks by facilitators, therapists, HR personnel, career counselors, and teachers.

[U]nmatched with its insightful, prodding, curious questions and its ability to open up ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary experiences, for all of us to learn from.Kevin Loberg, Real Estate Broker & Inaugural Member Terrequity Council at Royal LePage Terrequity Realty, Toronto, Canada.

She researches all of her guests backgrounds and and prepares 110% for the interview. She gains rapport with her guests easily and brings the best out in the interview to share knowledge and success stories…Moira Sutton, Life & Relationship Coach

“…was truly impressed her style and her ability to synthesize the information into valuable lessons.” Wendy Woods, MBA, CPCC, ACC

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