How One Finger Creations Became Wall Art (PART 1)…

In May, 2019 my 5 year old twin granddaughters demonstrated a simple creative platform that became not only an inspiration but also my lifesaver for the profound life challenges about to come. What began that month as doodle experiments ultimately led to a unique art installation a year and a half later.

Here’s how it unfolded…

That day the girls showed me the drawing platform available on my Apple iPhone Notes section. You can find it here:

Intrigued, I began to sketch on the phone’s face with my right index finger-often referred as Peter Pointer by parents and their kids. Very soon, I was exploring the creative possibilities of the various tools in the paint section, limiting myself to drawing flowers, vases and people/portraits springing mainly from my imagination. I also gave myself these challenges:

  • Each image I create must be different than the others. Here are some of the scores of drawings created since then:

  • I determined to post all the images on my social media platforms, regardless of whether I liked them or not. As it happened, some I didn’t care for were considered the best by followers…

  • Encourage others to create their own designs on this or similar platforms.

CHALLENGE: Why don’t you try it? Send me your sketch(es).