* Lessons learned from people I’ve met-Part 3


oil wellIn November, 1946, Imperial Oil sent Vern “Dry Hole” Hunter to Leduc, Alberta to set up a drilling rig on Mike Turta’s farm. For 10 weeks of freezing weather, his crew drilled to the depth of 1,544 metres – with no success. The men wanted “to give up, but Hunter had them drill just one more metre.”  On Friday, February 13th, they hit the gusher that began Alberta’s post-war oil boom. *

What does this true story have to do with my own experience? It’s all about that extra step. I have a very small story about someone I met a couple of months ago that illustrates the point.

On February 14th,  my husband and I leisurely drove around Lake Muskoka, arriving in Bracebridge, Ontario in late afternoon, both of us a bit cranky with hunger – we hadn’t yet had lunch.

On the outskirts of town, he suggested we stop at the local Harvey’s/Swiss Chalet for a quick bite. I refused.


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“Look,” I said, “it’s Valentine’s Day, we tried to book a dinner at our two favourite restaurants. We were disappointed that they were each closed for the season.  So, I’m happy to prepare a dinner at home; but, the last thing I want now is a quick bite of fast food even though I’m really, really hungry. Let’s make this a bit more romantic and pleasurable.”

He agreed. We parked on the main street and walked down its hill and and then back up looking for an imaginary little shop, quaint in decor, clean, inviting, with loving home-cooked meals and decent, caring staff. We found stores closed (a sign of the times) and cafes that promised good food but didn’t deliver it. 

Colder, much more tired and much crabbier, we ended standing next to the car, ready to get in and drive home. “Let’s just go up the hill a bit and see if there’s something new there,” I suggested. To his credit, my husband again agreed.

Fine Thymes restaurant window. Bracebridge, Ontario

Fine Thymes restaurant window. Bracebridge, Ontario

Just one shop further up the hill we found it! Hestitatingly, we opened its door, stepped into the warmth and  the delicious aromas of home-cooked soups and baked goods of the Fine Thymes Restaurant and Tea-Room.

Proprietor Elizabeth welcomed us and waved us to a table next to  the picture window overlooking the street. There was obvious attention to detail in every corner. Tables and walls were even decorated with red hearts, honouring the day. As soon as we sat down, the proprietor welcomed us with complimentary hot, pink drinks served in small glasses.

We ordered freshly made soups, sandwiches, and salads. Elizabeth used unusal ingredients and herbs. Food was delicious. Since it was late in the afternoon, we chatted until closing time with her and her partner Claude about their backgrounds, business, fishing, and travelling. It was such a delightful time to spend with lovely people – and we made a newfound discovery to recommend to all our friends!

 Lessons Learned

1. To achieve any goal, identify what you want, and why.

2. Persevere to find/get what you’re looking for.

(To read about and listen to Episode 4 about Perseverance, the creative theme of my talk radio interview with Neil Doctorow, turn on your speakers and click here)

3. Often, getting to your goal means taking just one more step.

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* From the National Post newspaper, Friday, February 13, 2009.

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