Michael Jackson Eulogy: “I didn’t Know …”

michael jacksonExtravaganza and spectacle aside, there is no question that anyone listening to the eulogies for Michael Jackson learned a lot more about the man.

I certainly didn’t know he donated hugely to widespread charities and causes; that he laughed – a lot;  that he was a caring and excellent friend and mentor; that he loved his family as much as they say he did; or that his very favorite song was “Smile”. (I also didn’t know that this song was written by Charlie Chaplin.)

EulogyIf you think about eulogies, consider this question: why is it we only get the fuller picture of  any person – whether a celebrity or not – at their funerals?  

As example, immediately after my brother, sons and I gave eulogies for my father in an overflowing funeral chapel in 1999, people came up to say, “I didn’t know…” or “I had no idea…”.  The son of my dad’s close friend admitted that, although he’d known my dad for most of his life, he now realized how much he could have learned from dad’s wisdom and only wished that he’d asked him more questions when he was alive.

MINING YOUR HUMAN RESOURCESTruth is, how much do we really know about our family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? Why don’t we know more about each other’s  wonderful qualities and rich resources?

A friend whose son invited her to a hugely successful community event he was instrumental in developing admitted, “I didn’t know he was into this.”

There are strategies to get to know each other better.  As a radio interviewer with a significant Curiosity Factor, I ask questions in advance of each broadcast logo-radio-show7about the guest’s history, background,  philosophy, and experiences. 

By honoring the individual with my full attention – listening without distraction  my guests know I’m interested – and respond accordingly.

I transfer that interest to anyone I know and to people I meet. Not only have I found within them so much useful information, their personal experiences resonate with my soul.  They also offer tons of skills and lessons that I can apply to so many aspects of my life.  And, hopefully, I return the favors.

Lessons Learned

1. Meaningful conversations  include  ideas, philosophies, and psychologies (not only a list of previous and upcoming events and gossip).

2. So much is learned by exploration and digging deep.

 3. Most people have abilities, talents, experiences and knowledge that their personal and professional networks don’t know at all.

 The next consideration is, “How much do we know about ourselves?” That’s a question for another time….

Creatively Yours,

Nellie Jacobs


Through her Igniting Imagination programs and services, creativity consultant Nellie Jacobs stimulates creative-thinking, providing tools to individuals, organizations and companies to help ‘mine’ hidden or latent human resources for the personal and professional betterment of all.

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